Fundamentals of Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) GHG Management, GHG Management Institute

Laplante, Phillip; Costello, Thomas; Bain, Don (contributing):
CIO Wisdom II: More Best Practices, Prentice Hall

Bain, Don M.
The Connected Chemical Company, Ernst & Young

Reading List

Klein, Naomi
This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. The Climate

Lewis, Michael
The Fifth Risk

Funk, McKenzie
Windfall: the booming business of global warming / McKenzie Funk.

Downes, Larry, 1959-
Big bang disruption : strategy in the age of devastating innovation / Larry Downes and Paul Nunes.

Naam, Ramez.
The infinite resource : the power of ideas on a finite planet / Ramez Naam.

Abelson, Harold.
Blown to bits : your life, liberty, and happiness after the digital explosion / Hal Abelson, Ken Ledeen, Harry Lewis.

Drucker, Peter F. (Peter Ferdinand), 1909-2005.
Innovation and entrepreneurship : practice and principles / Peter F. Drucker.

Hicks, Brian, 1968-
Profit from the peak : the end of oil and the greatest investment event of the century / Brian Hicks, Chris Nelder.

Bhide, Amar, 1955-
The venturesome economy : how innovation sustains prosperity in a more connected world / Amar Bhidé.

Godin, Seth.
Tribes : we need you to lead us / Seth Godin.

Nahin, Paul J.
Digital dice : computational solutions to practical probability problems / Paul J. Nahin.

Christensen, Clayton M.
Disrupting class : how disruptive innovation will change the way the world learns / Clayton M. Christensen, Michael B. Horn and Curtis W. Johnson.

Leeb, Stephen, 1946-
Game over : how you can prosper in a shattered economy / Stephen Leeb ; with Donna Leeb … [et al.].

McDonough, William.
Cradle to cradle : remaking the way we make things / William McDonough & Michael Braungart.

Roam, Dan.
The back of the napkin : solving problems and selling ideas with pictures / Dan Roam.

Krepinevich, Andrew F.
7 deadly scenarios : a military futurist explores war in the 21st century / Andrew F. Krepinevich.

Jones, Van, 1968-
The green-collar economy : how one solution can fix our two biggest problems / Van Jones ; with Ariane Conrad.

Angwin, Julia.
Stealing MySpace : the battle to control the most popular website in America / Julia Angwin.

Brugmann, Jeb, 1957-
Welcome to the urban revolution : how cities are changing the world / Jeb Brugmann.

Steiner, Christopher.
$20 per gallon : how the inevitable rise in the price of gasoline will change our lives for the better / Christopher Steiner.

Arthur, W. Brian.
The nature of technology : what it is and how it evolves / W. Brian Arthur.

Anderson, Ray C.
Confessions of a radical industrialist : profits, people, purpose–doing business by respecting the earth / Ray C. Anderson with Robin White.

Penenberg, Adam L.
Viral loop : from Facebook to Twitter, how today’s smartest businesses grow themselves / Adam L. Penenberg.

Reeves, Byron, 1949-
Total engagement : using games and virtual worlds to change the way people work and businesses compete / Byron Reeves, J. Leighton Read.

Beinecke, Frances.
Clean energy common sense : an American call to action on global climate change / Frances Beinecke with Bob Deans ; [foreword by Robert Redford.]

Estill, Lyle.
Small is possible : life in a local economy / Lyle Estill.

Pollack, H. N.
A world without ice / Henry Pollack ; [foreword by Al Gore].

Naisbitt, John.
China’s megatrends : the 8 pillars of a new society / John and Doris Naisbitt.

Schneider, Stephen H.
Science as a contact sport : inside the battle to save Earth’s climate / Stephen H. Schneider.

Nahin, Paul J.
Mrs. Perkins’s electric quilt : and other intriguing stories of mathematical physics / Paul J. Nahin.

Savage, Sam L., 1944-
The flaw of averages : why we underestimate risk in the face of uncertainty / Sam L. Savage.

Maass, Peter, 1960-
Crude world : the violent twilight of oil / Peter Maass.

Abbott, Martin L.
The art of scalability : scalable web architecture, processes, and organizations for the modern enterprise / Martin L. Abbott, Michael T. Fisher.

Downes, Larry, 1959-
The laws of disruption : harnessing the new forces that govern life and business in the digital age / Larry Downes.

Florida, Richard L.
The great reset : how new ways of living and working drive post-crash prosperity / Richard Florida.

Auletta, Ken.
Googled : the end of the world as we know it / Ken Auletta.

Menn, Joseph.
Fatal system error : the hunt for the new crime lords who are bringing down the Internet / Joseph Menn.

Hofmeister, John.
Why we hate the oil companies : straight talk from an energy insider / John Hofmeister.

Ward, Peter Douglas, 1949-
Under a green sky : global warming, the mass extinctions of the past, and what they mean for our future / Peter D. Ward.

Lomborg, Bjørn, 1965-
Cool it : the skeptical environmentalist’s guide to global warming / Bjorn Lomborg.

Hawken, Paul.
Natural capitalism : creating the next industrial revolution / Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, and L. Hunter Lovins.

Humes, Edward.
Force of nature : the unlikely story of Wal-Mart’s green revolution / Edward Humes.

Hubbard, Douglas W., 1962-
How to measure anything : finding the value of intangibles in business / Douglas W. Hubbard.

Hubbard, Douglas W., 1962-
Pulse : the new science of harnessing Internet buzz to track threats and opportunities / Douglas W. Hubbard.

Fried, Jason.
Rework / Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson.

Lutz, Mark.
Learning Python / Mark Lutz.

Ridley, Matt.
The rational optimist : how prosperity evolves / Matt Ridley.

Hadnagy, Christopher.
Social engineering : the art of human hacking / by Christopher Hadnagy ; [foreword by Paul Wilson].

Lovins, Amory B., 1947-
Reinventing fire : bold business solutions for the new energy era / Amory B. Lovins and Rocky Mountain Institute.

Friedman, Thomas L.
That used to be us : how America fell behind in the world it invented and how we can come back / Thomas L Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum.

Rifkin, Jeremy.
The third industrial revolution : how lateral power is inspiring a generation and transforming the world / Jeremy Rifkin.

Denmead, Ken.
The geek dad book for aspiring mad scientists : the coolest experiments and projects for science fairs and family fun / Ken Denmead.

Hansen, James E. (James Edward), 1941-
Storms of my grandchildren : the truth about the coming climate catastrophe and our last chance to save humanity / James Hansen ; illustrations by Makiko Sato.

Heinberg, Richard.

The end of growth : adapting to our new economic reality / Richard Heinberg.

Gilding, Paul, 1959-
The great disruption : why the climate crisis will bring on the end of shopping and the birth of a new world / Paul Gilding.

Mitnick, Kevin D. (Kevin David), 1963-
Ghost in the wires : my adventures as the world’s most wanted hacker / Kevin Mitnick ; with William L. Simon.

Pariser, Eli.
The filter bubble : what the Internet is hiding from you / Eli Pariser.

Frank, Robert H.
The Darwin economy : liberty, competition, and the common good / Robert H. Frank.

Derman, Emanuel.
Models behaving badly : why confusing illusion with reality can lead to disaster, on Wall Street and in life / Emanuel Derman.

Yergin, Daniel.
The quest : energy, security and the remaking of the modern world / Daniel Yergin.

Hyatt, Michael S.
Platform : get noticed in a noisy world / Michael Hyatt.

Humes, Edward.
Garbology : our dirty love affair with trash / Edward Humes.

Schlesinger, Leonard A.
Just start : take action, embrace uncertainty, create the future / Leonard A. Schlesinger, Charles F. Kiefer with Paul B. Brown.

Miller, Dan, 1937-
48 days to the work you love / Dan Miller

McMillan, Tracie.
The American way of eating : undercover at Walmart, Applebee’s, farm fields and the dinner table / Tracie McMillan.

Brown, Lester R. (Lester Russell), 1934-
World on the edge : how to prevent environmental and economic collapse / Lester R. Brown.

Ariely, Dan.
The honest truth about dishonesty : how we lie to everyone—especially ourselves / Dan Ariely.

Smiciklas, Mark.
The power of infographics : using pictures to communicate and connect with your audience / Mark Smiciklas.

Anderson, Chris.
Makers : the new industrial revolution / Chris Anderson.

McComb, Gordon.
Robot builder’s bonanza / Gordon McComb.

Luna, J. J.
How to be invisible : protect your home, your children, your assets, and your life / J.J. Luna.

Christensen, Clayton M.
How will you measure your life? / Clayton M. Christensen, James Allworth, and Karen Dillon.

Bainbridge, David.
Teenagers : a natural history / David Bainbridge.

Hoffman, Andrew J., 1961-
Climate change : what’s your business strategy? / Andrew J. Hoffman, John G. Woody.

Cooch, Mary.
Moodle 2.0 first look : discover what’s new in Moodle 2.0, how the new features work, and how it will impact you / Mary Cooch.

Freedman, David H., 1954-
Wrong : why experts* keep failing us–and how to know when not to trust them : *scientists, finance wizards, doctors, relationship gurus, celebrity CEOs, high-powered consultants, health officials and more / David H. Freedman.

Singer, P. W. (Peter Warren)
Wired for war : the robotics revolution and conflict in the twenty-first century / P.W. Singer.

Esty, Daniel C.
Green to gold : how smart companies use environmental strategy to innovate, create value, and build competitive advantage / Daniel C. Esty and Andrew S. Winston.

Zuckerman, Gregory.
The frackers : the outrageous inside story of the new billionaire wildcatters / Gregory Zuckerman.

Ohanian, Alexis, 1983-
Without their permission : how the 21st century will be made, not managed / Alexis Ohanian.


Sea Level Rise Planning: Technical Principles & Practice