Interesting Projects (235+)

Performed technical due diligence on enterprise carbon management software programs and providers submitting data to a major greenhouse gas data registry.

Interim operating officer for environmental data management company. Performed due diligence for investors and established technical, business and organizational framework for addressing market, raising B venture round and scaling the company.

Interim operating officer for virtual worlds technology company. Established project methods, developed organization, contracting terms and built business from $100 K to $5 million in first year. Clients included AOL, NBA, Time, Sony, Procter & Gamble, CBS, Moresteam University, major consulting companies and a venture startup.

Worked with one of the world’s leading authorities on modeling business credit risk to model greenhouse gas emissions for companies and supply chains.

Developed and implemented a web-based process for gathering supply chain environmental data and modeling data to highlight potential risks.

Project and program management executive for Cigna. QA/QC on software development and IT governance methods program. Evaluated 100+ project managers in 1000+ IT organization.

Technical review for multiple environmental standards initiatives include the GHG Protocol Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounting and Reporting Standard and SASB, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board.

Interim executive for venture-funded business process automation software provider.

Study of 175+ ERP implementations, harvesting best practices and methods for driving business value for Ernst & Young. Assembled knowledge package and rolled it out to North American and European partners.

Responded to a consortium of 27 chemical and transport companies to create Elemica, a B2B chemical supply chain exchange.

IT Strategy development for Union Carbide including full business and process automation of supply chain.

SAP implementation, all modules, for Union Carbide. Included business warehouse and supply chain automation and optimization.

Decision Engineering, a management framework for driving business value in chemical value chain using SAP R/3.

Design of an environmental reporting system for Union Carbide.

Business case development for a major automation program for Union Carbide. Included evaluation of ethylene cracking yield decision support tools, laboratory automation and potential licensing programs for the corporation’s intellectual property in automation.

Created B2B integration and partner on-boarding program for Elemica, the chemicals industry consortia. Created business benefits valuation methods and tools and toolsets for B2B connectivity. Delivered these to Shell, BP-Amoco, DSM and other hydrocarbon processing companies.

Executive responsibility including contracting authority and profit and loss performance for the company’s engagements with the following oil and gas companies: Shell, DSM (The Netherlands), Fina (Belgium), OEMV (Austria), OMW (Germany), Repsol (Spain), Neste (Finland), Scanraf (Sweden) and EniChem (Italy). All represented multi-year, multi-engagement programs. Responsible for revenue generation and client relationships. Registered with the authorities in The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Spain for corporate governance and contracting authority.

Created Oil & Gas business unit for Setpoint Inc., serving Exxon, Mobil, Shell and Amoco. Profit and loss responsibility and sales.

Created software product for realtime, natural gas allocations and operational accounting. Successfully licensed it to Mobil and Exxon.

Managed major automation program for Shell in the United States.

Setpoint’s U.S.-based liaison to its joint venture with Cosmo Oil in Japan.

Lead sales responsibility for a major licensing program to the oil industry of India, in partnership with Madras Refineries Ltd. and Engineers India Ltd.

Lead sales responsibility for a major licensing and professional services program to Caltex.

Program management and lead technology roles for a refinery modernization program for all of Texaco’s North American refineries.

Extensive international sales and project responsibility in addition to clients already mentioned, including Daikyo Oil (Japan), Kashima Oil (Japan), Yukong (Korea), Honam (Korea), Gulf Canada, PetroCanada, Exxon/Esso (Canada) and Petrobras (Brazil).